I'm Your Pocket Full Of Sunshine

Hey there. I'm Rayelle London, hoping to start a Tattoo Parlor, but so far I'm travelling the world. Mostly hitching rides, but I get around. I'm easy to make friends with always looking for company when I travel.

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(RP blog! I will RP with anyone. FC: Emma Watson. I do not own any of the gifs or pictures that I post. I'll do violent and smut if wanted/needed. Also, both mun and muse are of age).

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The kidnapper quickly took the tape off of her lips. She winced slightly before she then whispered into the phone, “Kerian?” They kicked her in the stomach and she grunted, “I’m talking to him!” She then spoke into the phone again, “Kerian, what’s going on? These guys told me to ask you.”

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